• Blasius AKM 5 sparkle blue finish with matched headstock
  • Blasius Berci 5 with Zolkow active preamp
  • Blasius Oldstone 5 with led inlays and ziricote top
  • Blasius Oldstone 5 with fanned frets and spalted maple top
  • Blasius Kata 5 detail
  • Blasius Oldstone 5 with matched headstock poplar burl
For those who want a modern
looking bass with maximum playing
Smaller body size but the extended
upper horn still maintains great


Small size, light weight bass which fits into a wide variety of musical styles and extremely comfortable.

Classic look and vibe with all the
benefits of advanced building

We always have some instruments in stock that were made for music shows for example. You may find a bass for you without waiting for the regular production time.