It’s now almost thirty years since we began building basses. Our aim is to build the finest basses we can – always developing, always listening to our musician friends and responding to their needs, with an attitude of constant improvement… We have worked with bass players from many musical genre to learn directly from them in order to create basses that will fit into most styles of music and techniques of playing.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to treat electric basses fundamentally as acoustic instruments first. By combining the properties of selected tone woods we create a resonant, naturally balanced instrument – with a unique tone that comes directly from the wood. We always pay great attention to the ergonomics of our instruments. The shape of the bodies, the neck contour and every other detail guarantees superior playability and comfort even during long sessions in the studio or on stage. We believe that an instrument should inspire you to play and it should give you full freedom to express yourself through your music.

We design our electronics to give you a clean, uncoloured representation of the acoustic character of our basses and at the same time enable you to freely shape its sound according to your taste and the mood of a particular song.

The finishing of our basses is not only for aesthetic purposes, it makes sure that our basses will last and be your companion for a lifetime.


We can make the sound in you come alive.