Small sized, light weight and uniquely contoured body

Berci Temesi is our long time friend and endorser of Blasius basses. The Berci Bass was built around his ideas. Being a professional player he wanted a bass that fits into a wide variety of musical styles, extremely comfortable.

Soul in Wood

..a unique tone that comes directly from the wood

We always pay great attention to the ergonomics and weight of our instruments. The shape of the bodies, the neck contour and every other detail guarantees superior playability and comfort even during long sessions in the studio or on stage.

Take a look on the Berci basses

Blasius Berci body

Small sized body

Blasius Berci

Extremely lightweight

Blasius Berci head

Carbon-Graphite reinforced neck

Blasius Berci

Perfect balance, comfortable playing

Looking for a lightweight bass?

But with all the benefits of advanced building techniques like deep insert neck joint, carbon fiber neck reinforcements and superior electronics?

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Previous Builds

Berci5 multi-scale

// Roasted poplar body with flamed ash top // Carbon fiber reinforced 34″-36″ multi-scale Maple neck, Ebony fretboard, 22 stainless steel frets // Delano JSBC pickups with Blasius X3 preamp // Gotoh tuners, ETS bridge //

Berci5 Singlecut

// Roasted poplar body with polplar burl top // Carbon fiber reinforced 34″ Maple-Walnut neck, Maple fretboard, 24 stainless steel frets // Nordstrand pickups with Blasius X3 preamp // Hipshot tuners, custom made bridge //


// Roasted poplar body // Carbon fiber reinforced 34″-36″ Maple-Walnut neck, ebony fretboard, 22 stainless steel frets // Delano JMVC pickups with Blasius X3 preamp // Hipshot tuners, ETS bridge //


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